About Us


Sino-Saido is the name you want to be associated with when it comes to housing-related matters. A conversation that sparked in 2013 has borne fruit years later. Many have come and gone but one thing remains for Sino-Saido; we are the construction company that leaves no stone unturned in pursuing quality housing solutions.

We have existed since 2013 and our dream and vision have continued. Affordable housing is not easy to find, especially because quality is something we are not about to compromise. We have since discovered that if we are part of the full process, then we make it work for our clients. That is why we go to the extent of running with the whole process. Our services include construction management, architecture, consulting, interior design, roadworks, repairs, and landscaping.

Beyond the works, we are defined by our love for integrity, innovation, and people. We serve customers from all divides with diverse needs. Given our passion to see you define your space, we ignore the one-fits-all convention. We want you to define the process then we make it happen.

Why wait while we can jump on a call and discuss some affordable housing solutions now?



You are important to us; so much that we will do and redo until we get every inch right. Quality housing is not magic, it is intentionality.


We love innovating even when whatever we have works fine. That means by keeping up with trends and pushing further, we are able to keep ahead of the curve.


We comply with all the required standards by law. Furthermore, our love for people has ensured our decisions encourage fairness and best practice for your good.


Why not call it as it is? If we think we rock, probably it is because we do and our customers think so too. This assurance has given us the confidence to be real with all we do. If we hold back, trust us; it is for a good course. If we take it on, then keep close because we will run through with it to your utmost delight.


We give you value for your investment. That means our solutions are tailored for everyone. If you want a housing solution, then you can find one.

Choose quality housing solutions that work for you